Reliable, scalable, and cost effective – Web Application hosting on AWS!

Reliable, scalable, and cost effective – Web Application hosting on AWS!

The Customer
The customer is a popular name delivering premium dairy ingredients to food industries around the world. Backed by leading quality standards and world class processing, they have a broad range of ingredients in the dairy industry, providing hundreds of solutions to meet the needs of customers every day.

The Challenge
The customer wanted to host their web application and were planning on an on-premises solution. They were concerned about the infrastructure platform and license procurement, as they did not have a datacenter at their premises.

Proposed Solution
The Power Centre team explained how millions of customers are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster and took the customer through the working of a capital expenditure model versus an operating expenditure model.
An on-premises solution is a capital expenditure, priced under a one-time perpetual license fee. A cloud solution is an operating expenditure, priced under a monthly or annual subscription. This gives the cloud a lower cost of entry, making it more wallet-friendly than an on-premises datacentre.
The scalability of the cloud also makes it a more cost-effective solution for managing content. The customer was pleased to understand how they could pay for the storage they needed, sizing up or down as they saw fit.

Services deployed
EC2, RDS, S3, VPC, Route 53, IAM, CloudWatch and Cloud trial
• A custom VPC was created to ensure security of the web application and the Database RDS
• The web application was set up on EC2 Linux with Apache server on AWS. The database service deployed was
• Database was hosted in a private subnet for enhanced security.
• Default ports for accessing the EC2 were custom modified to ensure high end access security.
• Configuration of Route 53 domain service registration and management of internet domain.

Our team did an exhaustive optimization study and ensured that the application was augmented to meet standards of availability, scalability and high performance.
The customer was very happy with the successful implementation, as they could get the solution up and running very quickly, yet with a highly visible impact. They were extremely glad at the value Power Centre brought to them by introducing cloud services and AWS.


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