Application server scale-up for a product company

Application server scale-up for a product company

Customer Profile:

The customer is a leading software development and consulting company building edtech products and solutions for kindergarten kids. They were facing a challenge with an application server due to unpredicted requests on the website.

Challenges Faced:

  • The customer needed their server to remain operational without downtime during peak traffic periods like festival season to take advantage of promotional offers and discounts. To maintain their application server, they needed their server to be highly available and scalable for better performance to handle multiple requests hitting the server at a time.
  • Customer wanted to create a backup for their data to protect and prevent data loss due to network failure and accidental deletions during upgrades.

Proposed solution:

Power Centre being an AWS advanced consulting partner, presented a comprehensive plan to address the client’s challenges. The plan included the following steps:

  • The Power Centre team discussed the customer’s issue of maintaining the server with no downtime due to unexpected requests. Taking into account factors such as CPU, memory, storage, and network capabilities, we recommended modifying the instance to improve network performance. This enhancement aimed to handle large datasets for more concurrent users without experiencing performance degradation and to increase working capacity. Consequently, the application server’s instance was upgraded.
  • To mitigate the risks of data loss, Amazon Machine Image-enabled snapshots of the instances were taken to capture the state of the instance, including volume, configurations, operating system, application, and data.


With the expertise of the Power Centre AWS team, the client successfully addressed the challenges of operating their application server during peak traffic. Backup functionality was seamlessly enabled, automating data protection without any issues.

Leveraging their expertise and comprehensive solutions, our team remains committed to supporting the client’s data server by facilitating scaling and balancing server loads.


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