Enhancing Resilience in the Financial sector! – AWS

Enhancing Resilience in the Financial sector! – AWS

Customer Profile:

A leading company, renowned in the banking, financial, and insurance sectors, encountered a challenge in safeguarding their website from infiltration by malicious entities.

Challenges Faced:

The customer required a website free from cyber threats. Their server faced vulnerability to hacking attempts due to weaknesses in the availability zone, server area, and server ports. They sought a suitable service to shield their server from exposure.

Proposed solution:

Power Centre being an AWS advanced consulting partner, presented a comprehensive plan to address the client’s challenges. The plan included the following steps:

  • The Power Centre team discussed with the customer how to solve their issue of protecting the server from cyber-attacks, given that their availability zone, server area, and server ports are being exposed.
  • The team provided an overview of key AWS security services, including AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), AWS GuardDuty, and AWS Shield, detailing their functionalities and how they collaborate to fortify server defenses against both competitors and malicious attackers.
  • After a deep discussion with the customer, Power Centre team suggested implementation of WAF to safeguard their web applications from common exploits. The team highlighted the importance of monitoring incoming web requests directed at their server and securing it through the configuration of rules that can allow, block, or monitor these requests.
  • To enable WAF we recommended that the client implement an Application Load Balancer instead of Cloud Front as ALB acts as a centralized entry point for incoming traffic. It also allows it to filter desired targets and offer high availability, scalability even when numerous targets reach the server at once.
  • The PowerCenter team created a Web access control list and associated it with the ALB to inspect incoming requests against the rules defined in web ACL. Then we integrated the Application load balancer with the Web application firewall to provide an additional layer of security for their dynamic website.


By partnering with the Power Centre team, the client successfully deployed WAF on their account, effectively reducing the risk of an attack on their server and mitigating vulnerabilities.



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