Delivering value to a pharmaceuticals company with M 365

Delivering value to a pharmaceuticals company with M 365

This customer is one of the fastest growing mid-cap pharmaceutical companies in India. Offering a wide range of products across many countries, in addition to last mile logistics solutions have helped the organization become a key player in the industry. In India, and specifically in Tamil Nadu, the company has set up manufacturing units with the ability to produce a wide of range of products from ointments to capsules, suppositories, and syrups. In addition to this, R&D centers have also been established to work on various facets of manufacturing and improving effective treatments.
Knitting together the different units that work in multiple locations, centralization of all the data and knowledge and effective collaboration between employees.
Challenge faced
Stiff competition from multiple companies offering similar services.
Success Criteria
Several years of positive relationship and building trust by providing timely and successful business solutions became the foundation for the customer to decide on continuing their relationship with PCPL.
The customer’s conviction on the quality of service provided by PCPL helped us secure the account.
More than 600 users in the organization were moved to M365. With quick and efficient responses, proactive trouble shooting and hands-on personnel, the PCPL team was able to complete this task well within the given deadline.
This implementation has reduced the customer’s licensing costs and enabled a secure IT infrastructure that allows employees to access company information from anywhere, anytime with the freedom of choosing their own devices. Teams has facilitated collaboration and access to all applications from a single hub. Having business critical information centralized and online, has delivered huge benefits to the customer.


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