Learning made easy with Microsoft TEAMS

Learning made easy with Microsoft TEAMS

One of the leading group of schools in Chennai reached out to the Power Centre team to discuss the integration of information technology to accelerate their online education. The management were very keen to ensure that the mechanism chosen should eventually become an integral component of their school education.
The expert Cloud team at Power Centre suggested Microsoft Teams to
• Enable teachers and students to connect over video-enabled remote classrooms
• Provide a range of interactive and collaborative tools on a single platform.
• Bring content, conversations, assignments, and apps together into collaborative classrooms
• Connect to professional learning communities and likeminded colleagues
They demonstrated the various advantages of Teams and explained that even though investing in a simple video conferencing mechanism may seem to solve the current challenge, it would not help the school in the long run. Every school and its teachers have a lot more to offer to students and the collaborative tools available in Teams would let educators create a vibrant learning environment.
The school management was convinced, and the Power Centre team swiftly enabled a pilot run followed by rapid deployment of Teams to ensure that the school was ready to tackle the challenge.
To learn more about how Teams can help your institution, log on to www.powercen.com or contact us at digitalteam@powercen.com.


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