Installations in one click with Automation Anywhere

Installations in one click with Automation Anywhere

The unprecedented COVID 19 crisis has severely tested business continuity plans and disaster recovery strategies all over the world. Organizations all around the globe are turning to automation to become more agile in the face of the pandemic and rapidly changing environments. Organizations are realizing the benefit of automation to support and enable remote workforce and manage high volumes of work.

Power Centre brings you Automation Anywhere; the worlds most widely deployed, intelligent automation platform to transform any business process.
A leading call centre wanted to try automation for one their simplest services – software installation.
They usually received around 3000 software installation requests in a month which required their service engineers to walk over physically to the user’s desk, access the shared folder and install the necessary software. This repetitive process could be automated resulting in huge savings on time and allowing the engineers to concentrate on the more critical installations that required admin access.
The Power Centre team helped them create a bot that would review the installation request, classify it as critical / non critical, pull out the non critical requests and send each user an email with the link to install the required software. End user would then be able to click on the link and download the required software. Once the email is sent, the bot would bring the ticket to closure.
This simple solution brought about the following advantages –
SLA were met easily without delays
Even low priority installation requests were met immediately resulting in almost nil loss of employee productivity
The IT team could use their time more productively on high priority critical tickets.


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