GIS Cloud Migration: Empowering Resilience and Performance with AWS

GIS Cloud Migration: Empowering Resilience and Performance with AWS

Customer Profile:

The customer is a leading provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions. They were facing a challenge with an ongoing GIS project for their client. The existing on-premises infrastructure was reaching its end-of-life, and a new server was required to meet the project’s demands.

Challenges Faced:

The customer needed to address the imminent end-of-life of their on-premises infrastructure and find a suitable replacement to support their GIS workload. They required a robust and optimized architecture that would ensure the resilience and performance required for their client’s GIS project.

Proposed Solution:

To overcome the challenge, the customer partnered with Power Centre, a trusted AWS consulting partner. Together, they devised a comprehensive plan to address the GIS project requirements. The key components of the plan included:

  • Redesigned Architecture: The Power Centre team collaborated with the customer to design a robust and resilient architecture specifically optimized for GIS workloads. This involved selecting appropriate AWS services and configuring them to ensure optimal performance.
  • Private Network Connection: A multi-tunnel gateway connection was established between the on-premises firewall and the AWS cloud. This private network connection ensured secure data transfer and communication between the on-premises infrastructure and the AWS environment.
  • Enhanced Security: The Power Centre team implemented essential restrictions and adopted the principle of least privilege to provide secure infrastructure. This approach ensured that only authorized users had access to the GIS project resources on the AWS platform.
  • Automated Backup: To mitigate data loss risks, automatic snapshots were enabled to happen on a weekly basis. This ensured that regular backups were taken, providing an additional layer of data protection for the GIS project.


Power Centre was able to successfully handhold the customer and help them seamlessly transition from their on-premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud, overcoming the challenges posed by the end-of-life of their existing system. The scalable nature of the AWS environment provided the customer with the flexibility to meet their client’s evolving needs and future growth. Overall, the successful implementation of the AWS solution by Power Centre empowered the customer to deliver a high-performance GIS project to their client, setting a foundation for future success in leveraging cloud technologies for their GIS solutions.


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