Downsizing is sometimes good…

Downsizing is sometimes good…

…especially downsizing the time taken to complete a task! “What used to take us over an hour is now down to a minute!” is the exhilarated statement from the CEO of a leading IT Solutions company based in Chennai.
This company has been using Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud for nearly 15 years now. Adobe Sign, a part of Acrobat DC, makes it easy for a team to send, sign, manage and archive documents effectively. Before adopting Adobe Sign, this company would go through a labor intensive process of filling out documents, printing them, signing the hard copies, scanning them and then sending it out to the intended recipients.
With the adoption of Adobe Sign, the company has greatly improved productivity. Sharing documents and signing off is a breeze! As the CEO stated happily, “Adobe Sign has made the job amazingly simple!” All their marketing programs, purchase documents, purchase orders and vendor communication now use Adobe Sign. This has also led to a huge decrease in the amount of paper used in the company thereby helping them reinforce their ideals of being environmentally responsible and going green.
Would you like to join our family of high performance Adobe Sign customers? Give us a call and let Power Center help you through the process! Happy Downsizing!!
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