AWS Solutions from Power Centre

AWS Solutions from Power Centre

This project was undertaken for a long-time customer of Power Centre. This customer is in the banking and financial services industry and customer experience is a big focus for them.

The Challenge
The company wanted to develop an analysis app to track customer interface and experience. The quick cause and effect nature of the business required that the time between design and deployment be as minimal as possible, and the product be reliable and glitch free while keeping in mind the budget available.

The Solution
The Power Centre AWS team met with the management to understand their pain points. The customer was operating on-premises and did not have the capacity to use servers to implement the project. Over several discussions, the team was able to demonstrate that AWS would be the ideal solution to all these issues.
With in-built platform for developing apps, scalability, quick response to changing business needs and cost optimization, AWS addressed all the requirements of the customer.
Amazon S3 would provide the customer with secure, durable, highly scalable object storage. Inbuilt services like Glue, Redshift were used to create the app quickly. Using these services reduced design time significantly.

The client was able to log into the AWS console and using the IAM user’s login, were able to use S3, Glue and Redshift to store their data, and fetch the files for designing. The road map or structure diagram was shared with the customer.
Without a need to buy huge servers or use SQL based coding techniques, the app was designed, developed and was functional within 3 weeks.


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