Seamless solutions for better productivity!!

Seamless solutions for better productivity!!

A pioneer in the world of digital cinema, this organization has created a name for themselves with their thorough understanding of film, video, audio and computer technology along with experience in the production, post-production and exhibition industries.
They reached out to the Power Centre team when they realized that their current management solutions were not meeting their constantly evolving business needs.

Key business objectives
• The management were using a competing collaboration tool but were unable to implement the same across the organization due to prohibitive costs.
• Company wide data was stored on a file server and this led to waste of productive hours searching for the right information and possible insecure data due to lack of uniform governance policies.
• Since they are a media organization, security was paramount. They wanted a secure, easy method of collaboration.

Value Provided
The Power Centre team used its years of experience and expertise to structure a solution that would meet and solve all the challenges faced by the organization.
• At this time of unprecedented remote working, Teams has become the critical tool that allows the organization to connect, collaborate and create effectively to serve their clients.
• File level architecture was converted to SharePoint’s granular cell level security thus allowing multiple people to work on a single document effectively.
• File server and storage costs on premise were cut completely.
• Teams enabled real time collaboration wherever there were multiple collaborators.


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