Scale with the pace of business with Azure SQL on Cloud

Scale with the pace of business with Azure SQL on Cloud

This huge customer is globally recognized for their drive towards continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction. Their journey is a remarkable one from a rubber balloon factory to a multibillion legacy that produces quality tyres used all over the world.
The customer has several home-grown applications to meet all their internal needs of communication including dealer tracking applications, solutions to encourage collaboration between departments and tracking systems to monitor all internal processes run in the company. All data is stored in SQL databases and requirements to build newer and updated systems are taken as projects and implemented by the inhouse development team.
The management wanted to reduce the cost of the infrastructure without compromise on the performance of their applications. They were looking for a solution that would scale up to meet project demands and scale down once the need was over.

The Solution

The Power Centre technical team did a thorough study of the existing system and sat in on several discussions to completely understand the needs of the client.
It was decided to move their on-premise SQL to the cloud. Every time a project request comes in, department wise subscriptions would be created and the necessary data for the project would be migrated for the development team to work on. Once the project reaches its close, the server would be wound down.

Success Criteria

• The complexity of configuring and managing availability, backups and other database tasks came down drastically with a fully managed SQL database on cloud.
• With the flexible and cloud native architecture, storage could grow as needed with fast database restores in minutes.
• The cloud setup empowered the organization with the flexibility, scalability and just-in-time performance needed to leverage its business solutions.

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