O365 at the Movies!!

O365 at the Movies!!


Power Centre is thrilled to be associated with the biggest name in Digital Cinema. These market leaders have a thorough understanding of film, video, audio and computer technology along with vast experience in the production, post-production and exhibition industries. This unique combination of expertise has helped in the development of the company’s digital cinema technology.

The company was facing several challenges and called in the Power Centre technical team to help them find a solution –

  • Local Exchange server
  • Multiple mailbox and space requirements
  • The requirement of robust security features.
  • Need for a single platform to let employees across different locations, interact and share information with ease.
  • Slack used as the team collaboration tool

The technical team at Power Centre were able to demonstrate the capabilities of O365 with a Proof of Concept and convince the customer to move to O365. Teams instead of Slack proved to be a huge win for the customer enabling all their employees to access all applications from a single hub.

A hybrid solution was suggested to the customer to manage their unique email needs. One Drive’s robust document sharing features, High mailbox size and mailbox sharing, Skype for business, secure IT infrastructure with the freedom of choosing their own devices and the high-end security structures were able to map to the various pain points faced by the customer.

Reach out to us for the right solutions that will work for you!!    We have the answers to all your questions and the technical knowledge to assist you.

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