O365 solutions for an Enterprise!!

O365 solutions for an Enterprise!!

 Among the foremost customers of Power Centre is an organization that is a part of a multi-billion dollar enterprise and a highly diversified group with a heritage of over 100 years.

This customer works with leading automobile OEMs sharing its expertise in automobile / industrial designs, product engineering, tooling, and cost reduction programs that use unique engineering solutions to deliver better products and designs at a reduced cost.

In Digital Technology Solutions, they enable their clients to implement solutions on SAP, Open Platforms, Microsoft Solutions, Connected Solutions using IoT and mobile apps.

The customer was using the Google Suite and was facing multi problems with their existing setup.

  • Google mailbox had an average space of 35GB per user which was not enough for many users, thus forcing them to go Premium which is very expensive
  • Policy issues and problems with trackability and accountability with using Gchat
  • Difficulty in management and control
  • Need for high-end spam control and security

The technical team at Power Centre demonstrated to the customer the features of O365 and the substantial increase in productivity and the huge potential of savings in maintenance costs it offered

The team analyzed the needs of employees in various roles across the organization and provided cost effective mailbox plans with an average space of 50 GB per mailbox. O 365 gave them the secure IT infrastructure that allowed employees to access company information from anywhere, anytime with the freedom of choosing their own devices. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business were a part of the plans. Robust anti-spam and anti-malware completed the picture.

Be it a small, midsize or an enterprise organization, we have the answers to your challenges. Write to us @ info@powercen.com


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