Tried and tested success for the IT/ ITES sector – O 365 solutions

Tried and tested success for the IT/ ITES sector – O 365 solutions

Power Centre has excellent experience with the IT sector and was delighted to help a 40 year software development company find the right solutions to their constraints.

Though software development continues to be at the core of this company, they now have over 20 products that are sold internationally. They embrace the latest technologies to write sophisticated 3D modelling packages for smartphone apps.

The organization had already recognized the need for Cloud as running on premises was an expensive option. It involved costs for equipment, hosting, storage and staff and it all had to be continually maintained and kept up to date.

They wanted a seamless migration without any disruption to their employees and wanted to show immediate improvements with regard to mailbox storage levels, space and security.

The Power Centre technical team rose to the challenge with an apt spread of plans that helped make a seamless transition to O 365. The proof of concept demonstrated by the PCPL technical team helped the customer realize that the move would be paid for by the savings generated from the transition.

The implementation has reduced their licensing and hardware costs while freeing IT from the burdens of maintaining their environment and doing backups. Having all employees on one platform has helped everyone work more efficiently. Having critical business information centralized and online delivers huge benefits as they can be easily accessed by everyone in the central data centre.

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