O365 Technology for the Technology Sector

O365 Technology for the Technology Sector

Deploying complex technology solutions requires an organization to maintain a high degree of internal collaboration and a sharp focus on client relations.

This leading global IT services & solutions provider found that its current management solution was not seamlessly growing with the organization’s vision and they chose Power Centre to help them analyze and find a solution.

This is the sort of challenge that our technical team loves as value addition is our biggest satisfaction. The team at Power Centre understood the challenges faced –

  • On Exchange server with issues on backup and restoration
  • More than 20% of total budget was spent on anti-spam and anti-malware
  • Need for powerful security features
  • Requirement for high mailbox space and storage needs
  • Need for a single platform that would allow employees across different locations to interact and share information seamlessly.

The PCPL technical team demonstrated the very capabilities of O 365 that would cure the pain points of the customer. The customer was greatly satisfied with the ease of implementation and the complete “anytime” support given by the PCPL team.

  • Security features like encrypted emails, mobile device management and data loss prevention.
  • Robust anti-spam and anti-malware
  • Analytics and machine learning with ATP, to scan for malicious links and attachments and much more to enable very high-end security.
  • Secure IT infrastructure that allows employees to access company information from anywhere, anytime with the freedom of choosing their own devices.
  • Microsoft Teams to enable employees to access all applications from a single hub.
  • Skype for business for video conferencing across locations

Understand how O365 can help your business. There is a solution to every complication and Power Centre will help you get there. Write to us at info@powercen.com to know more.


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