A little technology, A lot of collaboration, and Microsoft Teams.

A little technology, A lot of collaboration, and Microsoft Teams.

Whoever said B2B sales cannot be fulfilling! The satisfaction that comes from solving a customer’s difficulties, in giving them a solution and watching their relief and delight when it works is indescribable.

 One of India’s largest and fastest-growing digital platforms for local service needs fulfillment, in over 40 cities, connecting tens of millions of users and local businesses in 800+ categories – they are the market leaders in their business and one of Power Centre’s biggest success stories.

Multiple offices required employees to collaborate across multiple platforms. This led to several difficulties in sharing of information, initiating discussions and accountability. Non-standard and un-official modes of communication such as Whatsapp and Facebook groups were being used to communicate. These were not trackable, thus creating issues with security and accountability.

What was required, was a single platform that would allow employees to interact and share information across locations seamlessly. This was critical to scale up operations in an increasingly competitive environment and a digitally connected world.

Power Centre’s technical team swung into action and implemented a POC showing the advantages of Microsoft Teams and deployed the same for the senior Management team. Data from Slack (a direct competitor for Teams used by some of the senior management) was migrated to Teams to make the changeover easier and seamless.

Power Centre worked closely with a group of pilot users to experiment with Teams to address their pain points. A technical account manager from Power Centre was assigned to closely monitor and hand-hold the users to ensure that they were able to best utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

Right from the beginning, Power Centre’s strategy, was to demonstrate the capability of Microsoft Teams to the senior management as it would have a trickle-down effect in the organization. As senior management began to realize the benefits of working with Microsoft Teams, a decision was taken to offer this to more and more employees in the organization by upgrading them to O365 E1/ E3 plans.

The success of this is evident in a comment by the CEO who believes that there is greater accountability within the organization thanks to the transparent, seamless and secure sharing of documents.

It made a huge difference to the client and to Power Centre it was one more satisfied customer. Ever since the move into technology, Power Centre has believed that selling software is a value-added business. It is not about selling licenses but about understanding customer pain points and actively seeking the right solutions for them.

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